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VTS provides a full range of elevator and escalator services and some are listed below. If it concerns vertical transportation equipment chances are very good, we can do it and have done it before. We look forward to being your elevator and escalator partner for life.

Elevator Services

Key & Phone Retrieval Service

VTS is on call 24 hours a day for pit retrieval. There is an empty space in between the hoistway and car doors that leads to elevator pit that keys, phones and wallets fall into quite often. Best practice is to keep these items safely stowed away but we are all in a hurry and sometimes this happens. We know our items are important and we are available to assist. Give us a call, we will help you.

Maintenance Services

VTS offers 3 Levels of Maintenance Service to keep your equipment operating efficiently and protecting your investment. We provide monthly maintenance visits on all Service Agreements. Call us today to schedule a free site survey so we can provide you with pricing

Residential Elevator Service

There are many private residences in Houston and the surrounding area that have Home Elevators. These elevators operate just like commercial elevators and need on-going preventative maintenance. Our mechanics are tidy, polite and will never leave a mess in your home. Allow VTS to service your home elevator to protect your investment and keep your elevator operating efficiently.

Adjuster Service

The Houston market has taught this team nearly everything about elevators and escalators. Elevator Adjusters are the brightest minds in the trade and we have a deep bench of BIG-brand experienced adjusters who have retired, love a challenge and have played enough golf already. When you have exhausted all your efforts with your current provider, call VTS. We have some of the sharpest in the industry only a phone call away to ease your mind & help resolve your Vertical Transportation challenge.

Elevator and Escalator Modernization

VTS will come survey your elevator and escalator systems then provide pricing for Modernization. We will also offer value-engineered alternatives to help maximize your investment by retaining portions of your system that still have useful life to your building. We offer turn-key modernization solutions to include the code-required electrical, fire and mechanical building changes needed to meet current codes and pass Final Acceptance Inspections through the City of Houston or TDLR.

Elevator & Escalator Repair

We offer a full range of repair services on items such as Door Operators, Power Units, Traveling Cables, Traction Machines and troubleshooting for units out of service. We would be delighted to provide a proposal with pricing and a repair timetable, free of charge. We will be excellent communicators for the projected repair and keep you informed throughout our process. Communication with our customers are a vital cornerstone to our continued success. We will beat all competitor pricing.

Maintenance Audits

VTS provides Maintenance Audits to building owners and managers to verify they are getting what they pay for from their Elevator Maintenance Service Provider. We will Survey and Inspect your Building Elevator System from the top of the hoist-way to the pit, including the machine room. We document the details in pictures along with our full report of any infractions and the recommendations for compliance. This will include the smallest details like the mechanic signing in/out at your building during each visit to cleaning the pit. We will also provide a follow-up report with pictures documenting that the infractions have been corrected so your equipment can be protected. VTS will be like a private detective so your Investment can be protected.

Complete Decommissioning

Sometimes clients will want to reclaim their valuable tenant space by removing equipment that no longer has a usefulness to the building. It feels like the removal of an old friend from the building, but we offer the full turn-key service to completely remove the equipment, street permits and disposal. We can also provide the service at night or on the weekends to minimize tenant disruption.

Pit Cleaning and Disposal

We get a lot of rain in Houston and sometimes the water will get into the elevator pits causing damage to elevator components and bad smells. VTS provides full cleaning, sealing, painting and OSHA-compliant disposal of the waste. (Oil and Water mixtures cannot be pumped into the city sewer system and VTS provides compliant services to our clients.) We can also offer a quote for a repair if any is needed as well as work alongside your Insurance Company to ensure complete communication on your behalf.

Annual Elevator & Escalator Inspections

Every elevator and escalator open to the public is required to have an Annual Inspection. Our Full Maintenance Agreement includes the mechanic for this exam but we also offer this service to new customers. We can coordinate the whole process from the inspector to the mechanic leaving only the permit fee to be paid by the building to the city or state. Working with VTS is easy and we love our customers.

Elevator Products

Access Control Card Reader Systems

VTS will plan alongside your card reader vendor to complete the connection to enable the card reader system to operate with the elevator. We specialize in great communication with your vendors because the project is important to you and therefore to us as well

Cladding & Re-Cladding

Metal surfaces get worn and outdated over time. VTS offers a full range of cladding to Modernize metal appearances and polishing when re-cladding is not necessary. Technology has improved and there are many great choices to beautify your metal.

Elevator Cab Interiors

We partner with vendors from all over America to provide any finish you can literally imagine, including organization logos, pictures and custom interiors. Let’s dream together to make your elevator cab interior as special as your visitors and tenants to your building. We have a full range of ideas and will consult with you on trends in the industry concerning finishes and materials.

Elevator Fixtures

We partner with vendors from all over America to provide any finish you can literally imagine, including organization logos, pictures and custom interiors. Let’s dream together to make your elevator cab interior as special as your visitors and tenants to your building. We have a full range of ideas and will consult with you on trends in the industry concerning finishes and materials.

Capital Budgeting & Planning

Elevator and Escalator repairs can be costly and if not budgeted can be a real cashflow nightmare. VTS will come survey your vertical transportation equipment and provide a fair assessment of the useful life you can expect from the various components as well as help you budget upcoming capital expenditures. This service is FREE because we want our customers informed and we are their elevator partner experts.

Specializing In:

Routine Maintenance helps ensure the life of your equipment while reducing your long-term operating expenses. We know our customers’ needs can vary so we offer different maintenance programs to accommodate everyone.

Elevator Maintenance

Elevator Repair

Complete Modernization


Cab Interiors

Safety Inspections

Code Violations

Flood Damages

Pit Pumping & Sealing

Float Recall Switches

Dropped Item Retrieval (at a low flat rate)

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Emergency Service

We offer 24-hour on-call emergency services to keep your business or building running when you need it.

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